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Full event design and production, we have every angle covered.

Event Production

Pre-production is all about the details, and boy, do we love our checklists, production schedules, and confirmations. Onsite production is about hard work, a GREAT attitude, a love of the craft, and having the knowledge and experience to dance when the unexpected knocks on the door (which in the event world…is almost…always). We wouldn’t have made it this far if our passion and practice weren’t sound. Event production and logistics are at our core, and our team of producers has contagious passion and enthusiasm because it CAN be fun every time.

Event Design & Ideation

There is so much joy and satisfaction in the creative process at Encore Creative. The most satisfying part of the design process is channeling our client’s objectives, vision, and, occasionally dreams. In our process, the client is at the creative table in the design and ideation phase. Of course, we have dozens of ideas, and then dozens more on top of those, and so on. And since we are fabrication and logistics experts, the concepts we present are always viable and NOT pie in the sky. Unless you ask for pie in the sky, we will gladly play BIG (but we will always ensure that the dreams can feasibly turn into a reality).

Speaker & Entertainment Booking 

From national acts and celebrities to local legends and up-and-comers to custom-created openers and shows, at Encore Creative, all the world’s a stage, and we pride ourselves on getting the right talent on that stage! We love diving into your true objective and matching a speaker with that objective. It’s all about the Why. What’s your why? Once we get to the root, we can match you with a great economist, athlete, leader, innovator, specialist, artist, inspiration human, celebrity, or entrepreneur. Let us use our talent agent hats to secure the right entertainment for the job.

Environment, Themes & Design

Our team is passionate about bringing our design and build chops to semi or permanent installations. Our creative approach to build-outs applies to logo sculptures and art, custom registration experiences, photo-ops & social media scenes, pop-up shops, retail and office interiors, restaurants, and even kitchens. We start with understanding your purpose and your why and turn that into an immersive, artistic, theatrical experience for your guests. From board meetings to product launches to sales incentives to celebrations, EVERY event deserves to be a theatrical experience.

Custom Fabrication

We are the makers, from a custom entrance to a custom stage set, a custom bar, a custom photo op, or a FULL THEME PARTY. Let us design and fabricate unique pieces for your event that will ensure the memories of the event live far beyond the last call. And who said custom needs to be expensive? it’s just custom; at Encore Creative, you work directly with the source, not the middle person. Let us blow your mind further. We can build in our shop or even on location. What?! Yes. Just ask. Let’s start the conversation.


Marketing 101: Say my name. We can put your name and/or your brand ALL over, from custom 3D sculptures to wrapping buildings and windows and covering doors, elevators, and floors. We can incorporate your brand into food experiences, entertainment, and gifts. Permanent or temporary, ask us about branding your space, office, event, pop-up, road show, stunt, people, you name it we’ll help you brand it.